Charity Works

When we first started performing, and our name was The Casey Girl Singers, we have been involved with raising awareness and money for several organizations.  One of the most enjoyable concerts given are those performed for the elderly in our communities. “We go into senior centers…and the audiences are so happy and they are telling us how we made their day…I realize what an amazing gift music is to bring to people”, Tasha Casey on Crossroads Magazine. “This is something we will continue to do for the rest of our performing lives.”

Dear to our hearts is Camp Hispaniola, an organization directed by Marc-Yves Regis I that provides Haitian children in the slums of Port-au-Prince and those living in bateyesl (sugarcane plantations) in the Dominican Republic, a place to enjoy a week of exciting activities.  Director Marc-Yves Regis I is a photojournalist who uses his camera to document the human rights struggle of the voiceless, while showing their courage, spirit and beauty.  One of our goals is to make it to the camp one summer to work with the children there.

The Extreme Tour, held during the summer months, is an organization that brings music, sports, and a positive message, whether it be faith or family values, to communities around the world.  The KC Sisters were selected to be one of the bands traveling along the Northeast Corridor during the summer of 2016 along with 5 other bands.  We are excited to be a part of a tour that will be bringing a positive message into cities around the Northeast.

The KC Sisters are also available to give benefit concerts for your organization. Please contact us through our “contact us”page.