Cut Out Cancer

Tonight we performed at an event honoring and thanking those who provide complimentary services for people who are going through cancer treatments.  It was so humbling to be a part of something so big, wonderful and miraculous.   “Cut out Cancer at Milano’s”  mission is to help people get through their cancer treatmentsDSC_0472

L to R, Tasha, Kathleen, Noelle, Chris, Elise, Geralyn Lucas, Jennifer, Ronit Shoham, Deanna, Rachel Marcus

by providing special care and healing through salon & spa services that target specific symptoms,  On the second Monday of every month when Milano is normally closed, the salon will be open for any cancer patients to enjoy the salon services free of charge.”  Wow, what a miracle, what a tremendous gift they provide.  Geralyn Lucas, author of “Why I wore red lipstick to my Mastectomy” spoke.  Her speech was funny, emotional, captivating, truly eye-opening.  She was so grateful to those present at the diner, so incredibly thankful to all those who took the time to care of those suffering from that hated cancer.  My takeaway?  It is so easy to say no, but everyone in that room were the ones who said yes.  Yes to loving, yes to giving, yes to spending time, yes to making someone who is suffering even if for a short time, feel beautiful, yes to showing those who are sick that they are indeed beautiful.  Thank you for letting us be a part of this incredible event.