The KC Sisters are going to Nashville!

We are headed to Nashville again!  This time to work with the Amazing Pat Holt, music producer for many many artists including Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, The Mandrell Sisters and so many more!  We have already raised $3500, the easiest way to donate is through our go fund me campaign (Click HERE to donate).  Please watch the video below to learn more about our next adventure!

Thanks again for all your support.

Click Here to watch the video about our Nashville trip.

Skpoe Magazine Review


“Touch the Sky” shows off the impressive vocal and lyrical stylings of the KC Sisters. Singing a song of hope and encouragement they create a deeply moving inspiring piece of work. Effortlessly blending together elements of jazz and gospel into a satisfying whole, the KC Sisters prove to be adept at storytelling, revealing exactly how to move forward to achieve one’s dreams whatever they might be. Indeed, the lyrics are the heart and soul of the song tying all else together with almost a poetic sensibility to them. Able to look ahead they have a pitch perfect arrangement, one that grows with their powerful voices. Indeed they pay close attention to all aspects of the sound, from the small flourish of the strings to the power of the piano as it grows stronger with each reiteration.

A hushed beginning starts the piece. Delicate piano gives the piece a solid backbone as the first voice enters into the mix. Slowly the rest of the voices are woven into the track. From there a slow yet steady rhythm emerges. When the piece truly comes into bloom layer upon layer of sound are woven ever so delicately into the song’s overall message. By the time all voice merge as one the song builds up ever larger and larger until it reaches a satisfying crescendo.

Tender, sweet, and succinct the KC Sisters go for a message of goodwill in the lovely “Touch the Sky”.

A month of firsts

This last month has been an incredible month of firsts for us.  Here are a few snippets of what we did:

Our very first trailer dressing room with our names on the door!

Our very first time on a big stage at the New Haven Festival of Arts and Ideas:

Our very first time performing for over 12,000 people at a professional sporting event, the P&G Gymnastics & US Secret Classic at the XL Center!!

Our very first road trip to Nashville and subsequent invitation to go on a professionally organized tour of the East Coast!!!!

  The Extreme Tour


Image 48Image


The Objective, Nashville 2016

Image 2
First day on the road


Our four day call back session for The Extreme Tour was quite an adventure.  We began our 18 hour car ride at 4:30 on Sunday afternoon with a car full of bags, instruments and even a portable piano.  What happens when a carload of singers and a piano makes a road trip?




Image 41
Charles Esten

We arrived early and spent some time touring downtown

Image 37
Grand Ole Opry

Nashville. The music scene is exactly as we expected, every restaurant and bar had bands, some had one on every floor! Went to the Grand Ole Opry and the line up was incredible: Toby Keith, Carrie Underwood, Exile, Charles Esten to name a few. WOW!




Image 8
Tom Jackson

Thursday morning we went to a workshop with Tom

Image 9
Link Union

Jackson. (Producer for Taylor Swift, The Band Perry, Shawn Mendes and even Home Free!!!) He put a few singers and one band on stage and worked with them on stage presence, connecting with the audience, call and answer, a good set list, revenue building, etc…The band, Link Union, was from Minnesota, and even invited us to come out for a visit!  They were a band of 5 siblings, 1 girl and 4 boys, and were really great!


“The Objective,” which is the name of the event we went to, was a 4 day call back for a tour happening this summer. Every day consisted of “testimonies” from past and current attendees, live performances with critiques from industry professionals, and live performances on the streets of Nashville by the attendees.  Some highlights:

Working with Supreme from Wu Tang Gang:

Listening to bands, like “Arms for Elephants” and Doc Holiday, 3 time singer songwriter of the year:

Performing on the streets of Nashville at 10:00 pm:

…and then going to a Cajun restaurant, (absolutely delicious) where the music continued until the wee hours.

The absolute best part of the whole event took place on Sunday when about 100 of us went into a housing project in Nashville and brought our music and beliefs to the people who lived there. The tour brought a large flatbed truck, turned it into a stage and some of the musicians gave a concert. We opened our cases and proceeded to let the children try out our instruments. This is why we went to the event.  We wanted the opportunity to bring our music, values and messages into places that are not privileged enough to have instruments and and the means to learn them.  Here are a few snap shots of what the day looked like:


Would we do it again? Absolutely!  The bands were great, the people phenomenal, the experience tremendous.  So many people helped us get to Nashville and we are so grateful. A special thanks to Rev. Fr. Robert J. Grant and the members of St. Patrick’s Church, and The Rev. Linda M. Spiers and the members of Trinity Episcopal from  Collinsville, CT.  for their support of this trip.

So, update since I started writing this post, The KC Sisters have been officially invited to tour with The Extreme Tour this summer!!!!



Valley Life Magazine

Front page of The Valley Life magazine!  What a great article by Alicia Smith and photo by Lisa Brisson.  The story is about some of the recent activity in the lives of The KC Sisters and the trip planned to Nashville this Spring.  To read the article click this Link.