“Seeing the KC Sisters is like stepping back into Americana music’s pure and enviable past brought forth by some of its youngest contributors. They have an authenticity and familial blend that cannot be replicated.”…….Chris Freeman, Parsonsfield, formerly Poor Old Shine


“You are the bars of the ladder where the children of camp Hispaniola can step on for a week of fun. Thank you for being an ambassador for people you don’t even know.”……...Marc-Yves, founder and director of Camp Hispaniola, Poet, Author, Photojournalist 


“We are so grateful for the concert you so graciously offered on Friday night. We’ve heard nothing but rave reviews all weekend: “delightful”, “beautiful”, “wonderful”. What a talented and lovely family you have. The hard work and dedication in developing those talents is very obvious and how generous of you to donate your time to raise money for the Holy Trinity Foundation in Haiti. We were blessed to have a very generous audience who donated $1800 to the cause. Thank you for offering your family to our little parish and its fund raising efforts.”………Vicki MarkAnthony, Mission and Outreach Chair